What is Operation Antioch

Operation Antioch is a network of independent Activists advocating on behalf of the Hellenic ethnic identity of the Arabized Romioi of the Levant.

Operation Antioch is the first public campaign organized by “The Daimones of Collective Hellenism”, which is an independently hosted project by e-Epanastasi. The aim of this project is to give a voice to those who feel their Hellenic issues are not being addressed by Greece and the Greek Diaspora.

The goals of Operation Antioch:
1. The reestablishment and recognition of the indigenous Hellenic identity of the Levant
2. To raise awareness about the ongoing Genocide of Antiochian Greeks, Armenians, and Assyrians in the Levant
3. Persuade the mainstream Greek Diaspora organizations to advocate on behalf of Antiochian Hellenism
4. End Funding and Arms to Jihadist Groups, which are committing atrocities against the indigenous Christians of the Levant