Wednesday, July 9, 2014

UPDATE – Have you called your Congressman in the name of Greek Human Rights?

For Immediate Release – July 10th, 2014

Last week, Operation Antioch asked all Greek-Americans to take 5 minutes from their busy lives and call their Congressmen, in order to prevent the United States from sending $500 million in aid to the so-called “moderate” Syrian Opposition. The current American policy of aiding terrorists in the hopes of forcing regime change in Syria has backfired. Instead, it has led to the rise of a radical Islamic Caliphate, which now threatens all the sacrifices made by the young men and women of the United States military in neighboring Iraq. 

As Greek-Americans, we have a direct connection to this conflict, even if we do not realize it. The second largest ethno-religious minority, behind the Kurds of Syria, are ethnic Greeks; the Greek Orthodox and Greek Catholic Christian minority. Commonly referred to as ‘Roum,' they make up the last remnant of Hellenism in this part of the world. Once Greek-speaking, these now Arabic-speaking Roum are the often forgotten Antiochian Greeks of the Levant.

These Antiochian Greeks, alongside ethnic Armenians, Assyrians, and Alawites have been targeted for extermination by radical Islamic jihadists inside the Syrian Opposition. Extremists who have even dared to threaten to take their war to Greece and Cyprus*. As Greek-Americans, the duty falls upon us to prevent the arming of these forces, which mean to murder our ethnic kin, and conquer our homeland. Please take five minutes of your time to call your Congressional Rep, and urge them to say NO to sending aid, of any kind, to the Syrian Opposition.

Follow the link below to find your congressional contact info

Below you will find an example script you could use if calling your Congressional Rep.


Hello, my name is __________ and I'm calling you from __________ (city or town).

I’d like to voice my concern towards President Obama's proposal to send $500 million in aid to so-called moderate rebels in Syria. To send aid to any Syrian opposition group would be a mistake, and most likely result in further arms falling in the hands of radical extremists. The United States cannot afford to keep suffering blowback from an ill-advised foreign policy. As a Greek-American, I am directly concerned for the well-being of the Antiochian Greek Christians who are being exterminated, alongside Armenians and Assyrians, at the hands of the Syrian Opposition. How many innocent Christians must continue to perish until our government realizes that regime change in Syria, is not a smart policy? Please tell the (Congressman/Congresswoman) to stand against sending aid to Rebels in Syria.

Thank you for your time


Take the time contact your local Newspaper and submit your own Letter to the Editor, voicing your concerns towards further aid to the Syrian Opposition. Below you’ll find such a letter written by OA Organizer Alex Aliferis, entitled “We need to stop meddling, spend our money at home”

ISIS Map of the World, Plan for Global Domination

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