Friday, September 6, 2013

UPDATE – Greco-Armenian Response to possible U.S. Military action against Syria

UPDATE – Greco-Armenian Response to possible U.S. Military action against Syria
HALC and ANCA rise to the cause in the Levant
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE— September 6, 2013
In recent days, both the Hellenic American Leadership Council and the Armenian National Committee of America have released action alerts urging their members to contact Congress concerning possible U.S. military strikes against Syria.

In a sample letter provided by HALC, members are urged to remind Congress, “ Since the outbreak of the civil war in Syria, religious minorities have not only come under increasing attacks by Islamic fundamentalist rebels, but also have been caught in the crossfire of the opposing factions. As you well know, on April 22, 2013, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom released a report entitled Protecting and Promoting Religious Freedom in Syria. Religious minorities, including the Christian population, have been targeted for extinction in an attempt to create an Islamic State in Syria and to impose Sharia Law as the law of the land.”
Both Action Alerts can be seen here:

Just following the release of the ANCA’s alert, known friend of both Greek and Armenian communities, Rep. Michael Grimm withdrew his support for U.S. strikes against Syria as seen in his press release below. In closing, Grimm states, “I have heard from many constituents who strongly oppose unilateral action at a time when we have so many needs here at home. Thus, after much thought, deliberation and prayer, I am no longer convinced that a U.S. strike on Syria will yield a benefit to the United States that will not be greatly outweighed by the extreme cost of war.”

This all comes days before a new shocking video was released calling into question just whom the United States is supporting in Syria. The new video, which was smuggled out of the country by a former Rebel disgusted by the killings, shows FSA rebels committing yet another war crime.

For more information these new atrocities please follow the link below

We the Daimones, urge Greek-Americans to open their hearts and minds. For years, we have been programmed to view these Antiochian Greeks as merely “Christian Arabs” in order to disconnect ourselves from their story and continued struggle for freedom. The time has come, however, for us to question this position and ask ourselves are these people really Arabs or our forgotten brethren? The days of Arabism are numbered as we have witnessed the fall of Arab Nationalist leaders across the Middle East from Libya to Iraq. What the world is witnessing is a paradigm shift as Arabism is replaced by Radical Islamic Fundamentalism and a growing sense of non-Arab identity within minority groups across the region. From the Berbers of Libya to the Maronites of Lebanon, more and more minorities are breaking with the official line of an Arab identity. As these Arabized Greeks awaken to the same realization, how will we Greek-Americans respond? Will we embrace them as we did the Karamanlídikes of Anatolia or will we turn our backs on them?

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