Sunday, September 1, 2013

UPDATE – Obama’s Statement an assault on human dignity and intelligence

Washington Times: Syrian Rebels used Sarin Nerve Gas, not Assad’s regime
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE— September 1, 2013
On August 31, President Obama spoke to the nation about the urgency of punishing 
the perpetrators of the recent Chemical Weapons attack on innocent civilians in war
torn Syria. We, the Daimones, agree with President Obama that the United States 
must set an example and hold those accountable for this crime against humanity 
We do not agree that limited military strikes against the Assad government are the 
right example. President Obama’s case that it was the Assad government that 
perpetrated this attack is weak and in full contradiction to United Nations’ 
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The perpetrators of this horrific assault on human dignity are the U.S. supported Syrian Opposition, the same Opposition, which has been targeting Syria’s ethno-religious minorities for extermination. 

ACT NOW- Call your local Senator and Congressman today and urge them to say NO to President Obama’s War on Syria. 


“HI. My name is [Insert your name] from [Insert your city and state]. I urge [Insert your Elected Official’s Name] to vote NO on military intervention in Syria and to defund the Syrian Rebels who are killing Greek Orthodox Christians and other ethno-religious minorities. “

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Find your Senator:

ACT NOW- Email your Senator and Congressman today and stop the United States from becoming the Air Force of Al-Qaeda in Syria. 

Sample Email below

Dear {Senator/Congressman] [Insert Name]

On August 31, President Obama addressed the nation concerning latest events in Syria, highlighting the recent horrific use of chemical weapons on innocent civilians as justification for limited military strikes on Syria. The President is right when he declares this attack an assault on human dignity, but the President’s response is an attack on human intelligence.

The Assad government is not responsible for the Chemical Weapons attack in the suburbs of Damascus. The real culprits of this crime against humanity are the U.S. supported Al-Qaeda rebels. Are we, the American people, seen as that naive? Especially when the United Nations has already been presented with evidence of three smaller chemical attacks by the rebels within the vicinity of the Jobar incident?

Where was President Obama when rebel Jihadists massacred the Christian village of Al-Duwayr outside Homs? Where were you when foreign Jihadsts used Chemical Weapons on innocent civilians and unarmed soldiers at Khan al-Assal? Where was the U.S. Media when Chechen Jihadists kidnapped Greek Orthodox Bishop Boulos Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox Bishop Yohanna Ibrahim?

The only danger to U.S. national security is our ill thought out foreign policy of arming Al-Qaeda rebels in Syria. Please say no to President’s call for U.S. Intervention in Syria. Stop funding the very people who are using Chemical Weapons and Ethnically Cleansing Syria of its ethno-religious minorities. Allow diplomacy and not violence to solve this horrific conflict. 


[Insert Name Here]

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