Sunday, December 15, 2013

Levant Party converges on Turkish Embassy

The head of the Levant Party, Rodrigue “Dimitri” Khoury

For IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 15, 2013

Members of the Antiochian Greek, Levant Party, assembled in front of the Turkey Embassy today to demand the release of the 12 kidnapped Greek Orthodox Nuns from Maaloula, as well as the still missing Greek and Syrian Archbishops, Paul Yazigi and Yohanna Ibrahim, both of Aleppo. 

Protestors were joined by relatives of the missing Nuns, as well as Sheikh Abbas Zugheib and a small delegation of family members of the Aazaz hostages. For those unfamiliar with the Aazaz hostage situation, back in May of 2012, 11 Lebanese citizens were abducted near Aleppo on their way home from a pilgrimage to Iran. Their relatives have since blamed Turkey for their abduction. 

The head of the Levant Party, Rodrigue “Dimitri” Khoury, addressed those in attendance by declaring the protest, as just the first step, in a pressure campaign to raise awareness and force the release of those being held against their will. The Levant Party believes that Turkey holds enormous sway over Jihadist forces in Syria, specifically those responsible for the kidnappings of the Archbishops and the Nuns of Maaloula. Party Officials do not suggest that Turkey is the only sponsor of Terrorism in the conflict, also siting Saudi Arabia and Qatar as being involved, but circles out Turkey as the “boldest” and most influential of the pack. 

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Protesters Rally outside Turkish Embassy in Solidarity with Two Bishops, Maalula Nuns
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From An Nahar, a leading Arabic-language daily newspaper published in Lebanon. An Nahar has been described by Journalist Charles Glass as the “New York Times” of Lebanon.

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From the LebaneseBroadcasting Corporation International, the first private television station in Lebanon.

From Al Mayadeen, a satellite television channel in Lebanon.

From MTV, a leading independent Media station in Lebanon and the Arab World

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