Saturday, March 28, 2015

UPDATE – Operation Antioch Fundraisers

Dear Friends,

Back on January 11th, we proudly announced that after just 13 days Operation Antioch had reached its goal of $1,500 in order to translate the book “The Origins of the Orthodox Christians of Syria and Palestina” by Paul Carolides. 

On February 10th, we received the donate funds from GoFundMe. In which, an initial $300 was wired to our chosen translator, Marina Spanos, the Editor of HellasFrappe. Since then Marina has slowly begun the painstaking work of translating the text written originally in 1909 in Katharevousa Greek.

So far, roughly 80 pages of the text have been translated. It is our hope that the complete text will be translated by sometime in April. After which we hope to have the English version looked over by several individuals that have read the original Katharevousa version. Once approved, Operation Antioch will then begin sending the first versions of the English Translation to those who donated to this campaign. After which it will be uploaded to our Blog and made available to the public FOR FREE.

We are also happy to announce that the results of the DNA Testing of one of our supporters, Rafie Issa, should be received sometime in the next 2 weeks. We would like to thank everyone who has supported both these initiatives for their financial generosity and their patience.


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