Tuesday, February 10, 2015

ACTION ALERT – Arabist Father Georges Massouh betrays our Roum heritage AGAIN!

On February 4th, 2015, Greek Orthodox Priest and Director of the Center for Muslim-Christian Studies at Balamand University, Fr. Georges Massouh released a statement in response to Lebanese Druze MP Waleed Jumblat, who recently blamed the failure of Arabism on the Levant’s indigenous minorities. 

In the statement, which was published by Lebanonfiles.com, Fr. Massouh defended MP Jumblat’s words. Going as far as to say, “The Byzantine Greeks lost their power in this country. Their empire has fallen, thanks to Allah it fell, and the Greeks in our country accepted for themselves separation between religion and the state, and consented to themselves a secular state”.  

However, this is not the first time Fr. Massouh has shown his true Arabist colors by disgracing his ancestors, and defending those who have raped and pillaged our communities. In fact, several years ago when brave Lebanese Roum led a grassroots campaign against the Turkish film “Fetih 1453”, which led to its banning in Lebanon. Father Massouh defended the film and lashed out against those who protested against it. 

We at Operation Antioch call upon our supporters. Whether you are Levantine Roum or a Greek National. To defend our honor, heritage, and legacy! Below is Father Massouh’s Facebook page. We urge our activists to send him messages, leave comments on his wall, and make him feel the shame he deserve to feel for his words of appeasement to his Islamic Masters! 


For more on this Arabist: Father Massouh holds a degree in Mathematics from the Lebanese University. He obtained his M.A. in Orthodox Theology from the Institute Saint Serge in Paris in 1992, and obtained his doctorate in Islamic Studies from the Institut Pontifical des Etudes Arabes et Islamiques in Rome.