Monday, February 9, 2015

Second Commemoration of the kidnapping of Greek and Armenian Priests

Today, exactly two years ago, on February 9th, 2013, Greek Orthodox priest Maher Mahfouz and Armenian priest Michel Kayyal were kidnapped by Islamists patrolling the road from Aleppo to Damascus. The two holy men were taken from a public bus while traveling to the Rûm town of Kafroun. Their fate and whereabouts, to date, are unknown. 

Operation Antioch calls upon the Rûm nation to seek answers. How many of our holy men must be sacrificed? How many of our brothers and sisters killed? It falls upon us, and those within the Diaspora to stand up and lead. If our so-called leaders will not defend us. We must defend ourselves. 

This is why OA asks each and every Rûm in the Diaspora to, please speak to your local priests. Ask them to help organize the local parishes to lobby on behalf of those missing and dying in Syria. Let this year’s commemoration be the last one of uncertainty.

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